About Us

KCMG is a full-service agency. We offer database reactivation, FB/Instagram advertising, and social media management services. We create and manage top-performing advertising campaigns for networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Bing on your behalf. 

Our Story

The KCMG System™️

  Founded almost 5 years ago by a logistics specialist and advertising expert, KCMG was built solely to take a new approach to an industry so waterlogged with gimmicks, trends, and façades. The advertising industry, in regards to social media specifically, is notorious for offering so much but delivering so little. This is why we built Kansas City Media Group on a different belief. 

  We don't blame the algorithm, tell you the market isn't right at the moment, or push you to a team with no experience. We move with explosive speed to find a nook in the market. That opening that screams "I'm here! Take the leap!" We don't sit back and let the platform do the work; we get you to your solid state by keeping things simple.

  Getting you to a "solid" state means we've built you such a firm marketing base that no matter the new trend, your company keeps rolling. We utilize a subscription service instead of an hourly rate, we send you monthly reports on each campaign we run, and you decide how much you want to spend each month, while we work around your budget.

We know this industry, and you know yours, so let's collaborate and crush your milestones.