Database Reactivation

The most potent group of buyers is the group that's familiar with your business/agency and trusts what you have to offer. We reactivate this hot audience using our custom AI software.

The Platform


What is Database Reactivation?

DR is exactly what it sounds like--we reactivate the group of users most closely associated with your business and organically generate appointments with them or their network of buyers. With our software, you have however many leads are in your database to work with each month. We close these at rates of 6-20%.

How Does the Software Work?

The software is a basic lead nurturing program that gives each lead a personalized experience with your business until they step through the door to meet with you to easily close the sale. 

What Businesses Does This Work For?

Database Reactivation works for almost any type of service provider. We work with real estate agents, auto dealerships & auto transport companies, youth sports clubs, and local gyms yet the results stay the same. The only variable is the amount of users you have in your database!

What Can Our Bundle of Services Do for You?

Stratosport offers a toolkit of services to book consistent appointments for your business every month. 

This toolkit includes three main pieces: 

-Database Reactivation

-Digital Advertising

-Curated Content

Utilizing these three tools, we have generated thousands of dollars worth of revenue for our clients in a short amount of time, and we've given them the stability to grow and finally branch out instead of worrying about the complexity of marketing. 

Keep it simple.


Our Offer to You:

We offer full-scale advertising services centered around generating appointment bookings for you and your company. All of our packages come with a money-back guarantee if you don't see a return on investment in the first month and a half of using our services. If this sounds like something you would be interested in please give us a call to book an in-person appointment or phone call and let's get going!